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Medical Billing And Coding Houston Tx

When you decide to hire medical billing specialists for your medical practice, it's ideal to bear many things in mind. Factors such as expertise, transparency, accuracy, and so many will determine your billing and finances' success. Medical billing and coding in Houston TX are highly sought after by many hospitals, but many regret their choices.

In Houston, medical records are strictly protected by several laws such as HIPAA, the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act, and other policy regulations. At PCS Revenue Cycle Management, take all these concerns seriously. Also, the companies must handle both coding and billing services with the greatest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about PCS Revenue Cycle Management Houston TX Medical Billing

We're glad you've decided to choose the best company in medical billing in Houston, TX. There are many things to keep in mind when you hire us. But should you have any further questions about what our medical consultants offer, here's a list of the FAQs on our billing services.

  • How do I get started?

When you hire PCS, the first step is to sign a service agreement and a HIPAA business associate agreement. We then request remote access to your practice management system to enable us to extract your data into our medical billing software to submit and follow up on your claims.

  • What type of medical practice do you serve?

Apart from general medical practice, we help other medical specialists in handling their billing services. So whether you operate an intensive outpatient program for drug rehabilitation or a psychiatric residential treatment center, we're your ideal solution. We also help experts in individual psychotherapy, developmental, behavioral, psychological, and neuropsychological testing. 

The list is inexhaustive. We have the right tools to reimburse you for health services.

  • Can I be billed after you process my claim?

The first thing we do is to verify any health benefits in your insurance. You can be billed after we process your claim. But this largely depends on your health insurance coverage. Because medical care itself isn't predictable, we'll only determine additional bills payable when your insurance company has paid your initial claim.

  • Are payments sent to you?

To enable you to direct all your resources towards your primary responsibility of caregiving to patients, your insurance provider is directly in charge of receiving payments. They then reimburse us after this. We will transfer the money to your account or send you a check depending on your preferred method.

  • So how do I pay?

Should there be any additional bill payable, we've made payment seamless for you. You can pay in cash deposit. Also, we accept credit card payments across every platform, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.

  • Is there any payment plan?

When you pay any additional bill, we request that it's paid promptly. Some companies offer an attractive payment plan to offset any cost.

Kindly contact PCS Revenue Cycle Management to know more about any payment plan or consult with a full-service medical billing company: 281-937-4089.

Medical Billing And Coding Houston Tx