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Has your relative or friend been arrested? They most probably have been required to post bail. If you’re wondering what to do, we have the best solution for you. As a premier bonds company in Florida, we have top of the line assistance for you. We do this by offering bail bonds.

Courts hold an amount of money as assurance that the defendant will appear for all their mandatory hearings until their lawsuit ends. This money is known as a bail bond and is determined by a judge. We offer bail bonds here at Alliance Bail bonds. Our second to none services assures you that we’re a Florida bail bonds" href="">Florida bail bonds company in Volusia County that’s committed to helping you and your loved one.

How Do Bail Bonds Work in Florida?

Is the bail bond process confusing to you? We can clear that up.

  • Once arrested, a judge sets a bond if they deem the defendant suitable for release. The choices available after bail is set are either to stay in jail waiting for the case or to wait for a hearing aimed at decreasing the bond amount to cheap bail. A lawyer usually arranges this hearing. Alternatively, you can pay the total bond amount in cash or contact a bail bondsman who typically requires a fee of 10 percent of the total sum of the bond. This mandatory fee is hardly ever reimbursed as per Florida law.
  • Call us. We’ll require some specifics from you. This includes the defendant’s full name, which jail they’re in, cause for arrest, past arrest if they have, and bail amount. Additionally, you will visit our offices and provide information necessary for the finalization of the bond. For bail bonds in Florida, we will require collateral such as real estate, vehicles, valuables, electronics, or stocks and bonds. We do this because failure to appear in court gives us the control to arrest and put back the defendant in jail. Otherwise, we’ll be obligated to pay the total set amount of the bond.
  • We will then put up the entire amount of your bond with the court. Bail bonds assure the court that the defendant will be present at all their hearings. This is done after receiving the 10 percent charge of the full amount. Bonds in Florida can be posted any day of the week at any time, and we are always open. Once bail is paid, the defendant is discharged from jail. Normally it takes between 2 to 4 hours to be set free.
  • Upon the settlement of the suit, the bail bond is no longer essential. We will give you back your collateral with the subtraction of costs undertaken in order to deliver the bond. These charges may include phone bills, lawyer expenses, extra travel costs, and court fees.

Let Us Help You Free Your Loved Ones Fast

Our Florida bail bonds offices have professionals who understand the stress of having your loved one incarcerated. Getting in touch with us is the first step of getting someone you care about out of jail, and this can be an exhausting experience for all those involved. We'll get to work immediately to secure their release so that they can prepare well for their defense. Reach out to us today at Alliance Bail Bonds to get your loved one out of jail: 386-257-5116 or online

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