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Elevator Violations Long Island

Unattended elevator violations can lead to fines, civil penalties, and even a total shutdown. As a license and renowned elevator maintenance company, VDA EXP offers Long Island elevator violations removals for its clients in New York and beyond.    

It's elevator owners' responsibility to have their device tested for safety compliance periodically, mostly annually. VDA EXP will make the necessary arrangements for qualifies inspectors to inspect your device, ensure it complies with the American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) conditions and New York compliance requirements, and undertake filings of the inspection results. We provide inspection services for dumbwaiters, elevators, wheelchair/stairway lifts, and limited access devices (LULA).   

We do not hesitate to correct violations issues found during inspections as we are aware of the penalty it attracts. With our technicians' expertise, they can fully restore your accessibility device to a perfect working condition, quickly and effectively, to avoid any form of elevator accidents. They can;

  • promptly obtain permits to make corrections

  • answer the notification of the violations

  • resolve the violations

  • file the proof of correction on time

With our efficient and prompt services in elevator inspection and violation correction, your equipment will undoubtedly receive the needed Certificate of Operation.

Common Elevator Violations

Despite the amount of energy invested in elevator maintenance, it doesn't stop violations from happening. During inspections, some commonly found active elevator violations include;

  • Fire service maintenance: If your elevator is used to provide fire services, you must always test and log this every month.

  • Emergency equipment: Communication, lighting, phones, and fire extinguishers are essential to have, and we want to ensure they function well.

  • Door installation: Doors mustn't be permitted to open if the elevator gets stuck between floors.

All of these components are essential parts of an elevator. Suppose any one of these components violates the code of conduct, you can immediately rely on our team of professionals to handle all Long Island NY elevator violations immediately. 

Extensive Services to Maintain the Efficiency of Accessibility Equipment

We help to keep our clients' elevators safe and function, and also help them face violation penalties by offering the following service;

  • Professional installation by experts

  • Maintenance services

  • All types of elevators and lifts repair

  • Category 1 and Category 5 testing

  • Violations removal to help clear violations

  • Modernizing accessibility equipment in minimal time

Besides, we keep our customers up-to-date about implementing evolving rules and code updates to ensure their building and equipment are made violation free. 

Why We Should Be Your Elevator Violation Removal Company

VDA EXP understands that on the off chance that your elevator device receives violations, a prompt and affordable remedy is mandatory. Very costly penalties and fines are leveled against late A.O.C. correction, category five inspections, and category one inspections by the New York Department of Buildings. Sometimes, these penalties cost a lot than the actual remedy. VDA EXP elevator violations removal department regularly stays in touch with the N.Y.C. Department of Buildings. Our staffs are qualified and experienced with strong relationships that can help speed up paperwork to avoid penalties for our clients regarding elevator violations in Long Island.    

If you feel concerned about your elevator device, which has received violations, we can help out! Contact VDA EXP at 917-818-3190. 

Elevator Violations Long Island
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Elevator Violations Long Island
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