Why Choose Us? Rockstar Process Serving is a local, homegrown, owner/operated San Diego process serving company. Since 2007 we have offered friendly, honest and personal service to our customers as the number one priority! We promise to execute our services with integrity and reliability and stay in touch with you, our client, with the personal contact you deserve! Areas We Cover We serve just about everywhere in San Diego County, including residences, workplaces, businesses, military bases, correctional facilities and even at the grocery store.  Anywhere an individual can be served!   We also have servers in different cities and states, so no need to search around the internet for other process servers, we can get all your serves out. Examples of Serves and Filings 
  • Small Claims
  • Summons and Complaints
  • Bank Levies
  • Court Filings
  • Cross-complaints
  • Record Subpoenas
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Writs of Execution
  • Personal Subpoenas
  • Restraining Orders
  • Eviction and Foreclosure
Special Services
  • Stakeouts
  • USPS Forwarding Adresses
  • Skip-Tracing
  • Courier Services
As with all “service-oriented” companies, communication and quick response are key factors in determining who to do business with.  Rockstar Process Serving prides itself in offering a fast turnaround time and prompt status reports on all process service.  We look forward to working for you!