Welcome to Rockstar Process Serving

Are you looking for a process serving company in San Diego County that delivers fast and reliable service?  Look no further.  Since 2007 Rockstar Process Serving has been providing service of process in and around San Diego with unwavering principals of quality, professionalism and reliability.   Rockstar Process Serving's expertise and experience gets the job done with fast, friendly and dedicated service.

Rockstar Process Serving  specializes in all types of service of process:  small claims, civil suits, eviction notices, family law, etc.  Document filing with the San Diego courts, whether rush or routine, is never a problem. We also provide many courier services in and around the County of San Diego.

Rockstar Process Serving is owner/operated and committed to prompt, professional and dependable service!

All of Rockstar Process Serving's San Diego process servers are registered, licensed and bonded with the County of San Diego.

Our Services

Service of Process includes 3-5 attempts or due diligence.

Upon proper completion of Service of Process, all proofs of services are filed at Chula Vista, El Cajon and San Diego courts. Otherwise your proof of service will be emailed and mailed back to you.

Check advancement fees are 8% or $4.00 minimum.

Our Services Include



  • Certified Mailing (If return receipt requested) $25 BUY
  • Other Additional Services $ BUY
  • Same Day Service Of Process $150 BUY
  • Rush Service of Process (1st attempt by the next day) $100 BUY
  • Small Claims Standard Service Of Process (1st attempt within 1-3 days) $75 BUY
  • Civil/Family Law Standard Service Of Process (1st attempt within 1-3 days) $85 BUY
  • Notice to Pay or Quit Eviction Notice Standard Service of Process (1st attempt within 1-3 days) $75 BUY
  • Service on a Specific Date and Time $100 BUY
  • Set Up Service of Process (setting up the subject for service) $150 BUY
  • Additional Defendant (Same Location) $30 BUY
  • Additional Address for Service of Process $45 BUY
  • Service Of Process By USPS First-Class Mail $35 BUY
  • Same Day Court Filing/Retrieval $150 BUY
  • Standard Court Records Retrieval $100 BUY
  • Standard Court Filing in Drop/Department Box $50 BUY
  • Standard Civil Court Filing with Clerk $75 BUY
  • Standard Family Law Court Filing with Clerk $100 BUY
  • Standard Small Claims Filing $75 BUY
  • Stake Out Service (Hourly) $50 BUY
  • Skip-Tracing (Per Individual) $50 BUY
  • USPS Forwarding Address $100 BUY
  • Notarization (Per Signature fee) $15 BUY
  • Courier Services – Please Call For Pricing $ BUY
**Proof of Service filing is included if filed in San Diego County